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Customer Testimonials

X-Pando Pipe Joint Compound

From "MythBusters Workshop: Extreme Plumbing", article by Jamie Hyneman, published in the April 2007 issue of Popular Mechanics:

"While making plumbing-heavy builds, we discovered an indispensable plumbing supply product that's ideal for joints under high temperatures and high pressure.  It's called X-Pando - great name!  It's a powder; you just add water and use the resulting paste as a pipe dope.  The stuff expands as it dries to make a very strong seal.  Adam and I don't know of anything else like it on the market."

From Sanford J. Ryan, Jr. of Trojan Hardware, Troy, New York:

"I have used X-Pando very successfully on all types of pipe joints since 1940….I used X-Pando to seal leaks on a job that had a lot of genuine wrought iron pipe on it, and the engineer specified RED LEAD PERIOD! I cleaned the external portion of the fitting and exposed thread, mixed X-Pando to the consistency of house paint, pulled a vacuum on the systems, and painted the exposed joints. I let stand for twenty-four hours and re-tested without any leaks at all.

I really became sold on X-Pando back in 1940 when I was a foreman on a high-pressure, high temperature hot water installation. We had many small threaded connections around control valves on which we had used litharge and glycerine, but, due to the extremes of expansion and contraction, they leaked to no end. These joints were disassembled, cleaned and put together with X-Pando. The result - no leaks and no more litharge and glycerine.

If users of X-Pando will read the directions on the can (namely do not mix in large quantities and do not over tighten the joint), they will be leak free from my experience."

From S.C. McIntosh, Director, Railroad Commission of Texas, Austin, Texas:

"This is to advise that the thread compound known as X-Pando is acceptable to the Railroad Commission of Texas for use as a thread compound in connection with the assembly of LP Gas systems and house piping in the State of Texas.

This approval is based on the satisfactory report submitted by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (report #3472, dated October 27, 1944), a copy of which is on file in the office of the Gas Utilities Division in Austin, Tex as."

From F.S. Hodgdon of Carrier Corporation, Syracuse, New York:

"….our tests indicate that X-Pando meets our requirements in every respect. We found that your material was the only one of twenty-one materials tested, submitted by fifteen companies, which met all of our requirements for the sealing of standard pipe thread joints against Freon leakage."

From C.H. McKechnie, Contractor and Consulting Engineer, Boston, Massachusetts:

"You will be interested in knowing that I have used X-Pando Pipe Joint Compound for systems handling circulating oil at temperatures up to 600°F for the past ten years and have always found it very satisfactory for such service. For equipment being installed by others, I have always, during this time, highly recommended the use of your product."

From P.H. Robinson of Robinson Orifice Fitting Company, Los Angeles, California:

"Your X-Pando Pipe Joint Compound is doing such a wonderful job for us that we want to pass along the good news, hoping that our experience may prove helpful to others having problems similar to ours.

We manufacture orifice fittings for various oil companies. These are made of cast iron and steel and are used to measure the flow of gas in the oil fields.

Since X-Pando Pipe Joint Compound was brought to our attention, we have found numerous uses for it. After submitting it to very severe tests, we can truthfully say that we have obtained far better results with it at far less cost than by any other method or product used previously.

You are at liberty to pass along this information wherever it will do the most good."

From Construction Methods and Equipment, September 1950, page 47:

"Here's a novel pipe line - this time in elevated ramps - to keep ice and snow off the approaches to New York City's Port Authority Bus Terminal. Double 1,500-ft sinuous ramps connect the building directly with portals of the Lincoln Tunnel and contain some 55,000 ft of snow-melting piping. Through this maze - almost 11 miles long - will flow 11,000 gallons of Sovaloid S, a non-corrosive anti-freeze made by Socony-Vacuum Oil Co. A central heating and pumping unit in the terminal circulates the liquid at 175 deg during snowstorms or periods when ice is apt to form, estimated to be about 200 hr each year. The system is expected to melt snow at the rate of 1 in. per hr.

Entire sections of sinuous tubing, headers, and runouts were prefabricated in the piping contractor's shop and assembled on lower reinforcing steel, in turn supported by high chairs on the insulated deck.

In the screw connections needed at valves and expansion sections, DuPont's Teflon disks were specified, and a permanent, impenetrable thread sealer was used, called X-Pando, and made by the X-Pando Corporation.

A 200-psi hydrostatic test was put on each section and held for an hour with no drop allowed."

From B.E. McFarland of Jersey Ice Machine Company, Newark, New Jersey:

"As far as X-Pando is concerned, we think it is the best thing that has happened to the refrigeration business for a long time. Before we began using it, we could depend on some thread leaks on every large ammonia piping job. Since using X-Pando, it is a rare occurrence to have a single thread leak. It is a time saver and also more economical than the pipe joint compounds used previously.

We recommend X-Pando to our customers who have their own maintenance organization and to other refrigeration contractors to whom we supply material. X-Pando has our unqualified endorsement."

From A. Dierks of A. Dierks & Company, Inc., Brooklyn, New York, in a letter to Wassaic State School:

"We are informed that the use of X-Pando for making up certain screwed joints in the new 150 lb. water piping has been criticized. We feel that such criticism is unjustified and possibly based on lack of information concerning X-Pando and lack of knowledge when it comes to getting wrought iron thread tight.

There is no provision in the contract and no practical reason for not using X-Pando. It is our problem to get the 6" threads, etc. tight. It is well known that wrought iron threads tighten poorly even with the best of dies. If it takes X-Pando to get problem threads tight, then we feel it is our prerogative to use same.

Sure, a 6" flange made up with X-Pando is hard to take off - so are flanges we have welded on. Who would want to unscrew flanges in a permanent piping system?

We believe it would be to your best interest to call for the use of X-Pando on water and fuel oil piping in the standard State specification. We manufacture fuel oil pump and heating units with pressures up to 1200 PSI, also threaded double extra heavy hydraulic piping operating at 6000 PSI. Without X-Pando we would be lost on this type of work. After twenty-five years of experience with X-Pando, we recommend it very highly and intend to keep on using it."

From George S. Heisel of National Fire Extinguisher Corp., Rochester, New York:

"We were so accustomed to picking up our supply of X-Pando from your local representative that we took a good thing for granted. When we found that your local supplier's shelves were empty of X-Pando, we started counting our blessings of the past and evaluating the tremendous savings that X-Pando has afforded us to insert valves in high pressure cylinders for one of the nation's leading industries.

Previous to using X-Pando, we were using a 'Brand X' item that necessitated a water test because it could not be fully depended upon to hold pressure up to 1,000 pounds.

After we started using X-Pando and found that there were absolutely no leaks whatsoever from 5,000 consecutive cylinders, we have abandoned the water test which eliminates the expense of two men, the heating of a Chromolox Dryer, and hundreds of square feet of storage before final drying and packaging.

We want you to know that you can use our name and this unsolicited letter for the purpose of advertising."

From Jeffrey Lute of Flanged Iron Pipe, Inc., Loyalhanna, Pennsylvania:

"… far as the quality of your product goes I can tell you that we have been using nothing but X-Pando since we started in business in 1987, and we have never had a problem with it. It also seems to be the preferred thread sealer for manufacturers in the water works business."

From Stan Mathew of Shop Services, Inc., Mt. Pleasant, Iowa:

"Just a quick note to let you know of our happy association with X-Pando. I got acquainted with it back in the late 1950 era when we were building anhydrous ammonia bulk plants, and have continued the use of it into our steam locomotive rebuilding service. I can say we have never had a leak where we used X-Pando."

From Thomas G. Farrell of Teal Corporation, Apple Valley, Minnesota:

"This box contains samples of parts with European gas threads. As you know, we are using X-Pando to seal these joints…... thus far, we have been 100% successful in our efforts to provide leak-free products."

From Gerald E. Heiss of Chlorco Chlorinators & Controls, Inc., Escondido, California:

"The purpose of this letter is to tell you how pleased we were with your X-Pando Pipe Joint Compound two weeks ago when we started up a chlorine gas pressure piping renovation project and there were no leaks. We modified an existing chlorine gas pressure manifold system for a new client. One other chlorination equipment service company had refused to do the work because of the difficulty and trouble usually encountered with field modifications. We've done this sort of project before and there were always leaks to be dealt with. After discussing the application with you, I decided to try your product. I'm glad I did.

After cutting the old system apart, we threaded and cleaned new pipe lengths and nipples, salvaged a few old pieces, and put together 56 new joints in 1 inch schedule BO seamless steel pipe using 3000 lb forged steel fittings and two-bolt tongue-and-groove unions. We found the X-Pando Pipe Joint Compound very easy to use and cleanup was a breeze.

I'm sure it doesn't surprise you that there were no leaks. I was a little skeptical at first, but I'm a true believer now. We are going to use the product as a standard part of our service routine on all threaded chlorine gas pressure joints from now on."

From Gerald E. Heiss of Chlorco Chlorinators & Controls, Inc., Escondido, California:

"It has been a little over two years since I told you that we would start using X-Pando Pipe Joint Compound as a standard practice on all threaded chlorine gas pressure joints. I'm happy to tell you that after several hundred joints, we have yet to find our first leak.

The difficult piping modification I wrote to you about in May of 1992, with it's 56 joints, is still in daily use without any problems. We have found your product all that you said it would be, and have recommended it for use on threaded chlorine pressure connections for the past two years."

X-Pando Pipe Joint Compound &
X-Pando Special No. 2

From Henry J. Wallace of Mid-West Cement Pipe Lining Company, Inc., Crossville, Illinois:

"X-Pando and X-Pando Special No. 2 compounds have proven to be the favorite of the oil industry people in this area because of the ease of application and the quality leak-proof connection made.

X-Pando is ideal for make up of threaded joints, or any other type connection that does not require high heat, such as in welding. X-Pando Special No. 2 takes the welding heat.

X-Pando connections withstand vibrations, any pressure the pipe itself will take, and insures a leak-proof connection. X-Pando will go farther in a pipe makeup that most any other type. We have had customers tell us X-Pando will go six to ten times farther than most other types of pipe joint compound used.

X-Pando Special No. 2 is best suited for welded joints. It takes the higher heat requirements of welding. Low-heat rods are better if welding of cement lined steel pipe is used in an installation.

We have X-Pando sealed badly eroded coupling threads onto eroded pin end threads of oil field tubing using X-Pando, allowed the X-Pando to set up for 12 hours, and pressure tested to 5000 psi and found a leak-proof connection. After testing, we did tac-weld the coupling to the pipe to be certain the coupling would not be pulled off. There is no rougher use of pipe joint compounds that that of the oil field industry. X-Pando has withstood any test given.

X-Pando can be used on any type of iron, steel, copper, brass and soft metal connection. X-Pando Special No. 2 is best when welding of joints is a requirement. We have tested Special No. 2 to 2300° welding heat."

From Henry J. Wallace of Mid-West Cement Pipe Lining Company, Inc., Crossville, Illinois:

"Our company provides a service, specializing in the cement lining of steel pipe and fittings. We use a specially prepared, dense cement-based material to provide a non-corrosive lining to protect the pipe internally against corrosive elements, such as salt water, in water flood programs, salt water disposal systems and transporting sour crude oil in the field.

The worst obstacle we had to overcome was the finding of a joint compound that would insure a protective, leak proof bond when making up the pipe connections. Your X-Pando Pipe Joint Compound and Special No. 2 are the answer. This material has been used successfully for the past two years and its use is increasing as more and more companies learn about it. For proof, we have completed over 250,000 feet of cement line pipe, ranging in size from 1 ½ ID to 13" OD, for our many customers who have used X-Pando, and not one company has reported leaks. The material has withstood pressures up to 2,000 psi; however, the average pressure is about 700 psi in most systems. It has been used for both threaded and flanged joints and has proven excellent when used in welded lines.

Oil companies in this area use large quantities of USED pipe (cement lined) in salt water disposal systems and in water flood programs requiring low pressures. In spite of the worn or mutilated thread often common in USED pipe, no leaks have been reported when X-Pando was used in making up the connections.

X-Pando is a sure sealer - it is easy to use, waste is kept at a minimum as compared to other compounds, and it is the most economical material we have found to do the job."

X-Pando Special No. 2

From Mansel Rubenstein of Cement Lining Company, Inc., Houston, Texas:

"Cement lined piping has been used for over one hundred years. The principal use for cement line pipe is the prevention of internal corrosion. We use X-Pando Special No. 2 to seal the cement lining joints.

We have shipped cement lined pipe all over the world. One of the large requirements for our product is cooling water for the refineries, petro-chemical and power generation plants. These plants are usually on the coast so they use the bay and sea water for cooling. This water is brackish or salty, therefore requiring internal protection for the carbon steel pipe. In August 1992, we went to a petro-chemical plant in Texas City, Texas to install an expanded system. They cut into a cement lined line that we had installed twenty years ago. The lining looked like we had cement lined it a week before. This line was taking salt water into the plant from the bay.

I cannot imagine a better example that that to show what a great product it is for protection against salt water……as you know, we have promoted X-Pando Special No. 2 and had it written into many company specifications."


From Mark Sabuco of Sabuco Tile and Marble Co., Escanaba, Michigan:

"In my thirty-five years of experience in this business I have not as yet found a cement that can compare with yours. I am using your cement for grouting floors and walls and found it exceptionally good."

From M. Emery of Rigby Manufacturing Company, South Portland, Maine:

"We thank for your forwarding the X-Pandotite. We have relied on this product for many years for a variety of small difficult jobs. In particular, we have had surprising success holding ring bolts in rock ledge that is submerged at every high tide. The X-Pando looks as if it might outlast the iron. We also rely on it to seal a porcelain sink used as a storage tank for chemicals. X-Pandotite is used to plug through-holes intended for pipe-fittings. Corrosion on fittings required the holes to be filled with a resistant material. X-Pandotite lasts better than other products tried."

From Frank P. Glenn of Camden Line Company, Camden, New Jersey:

"We thought you might be interested in knowing the results of one of our tests with X-Pandotite. This test was made out of curiosity but the outcome was surprising.

We used a piece of 2" pipe about 1 foot long and packed it with X-Pandotite. Then two threaded eye bolts (1" each) were worked in, making certain they were firmly packed. We allowed the cement to cure over a weekend in a heated room.

On Monday, the article to be tested was fastened to an empty box car with a rope attached to an electric winch we use for moving them. The car moved easily without any break. We then tried it on a car containing 300 barrels of cement, with the same result. On examination, the X-Pandotite was intact - and the eyes firm."

From Frank R. Schiedeck of Cypress Lawn Memorial Park, San Mateo, California:

"For the past eight or ten months we have been using your product, X-Pandotite, for the sealing of crypts in our Catacombs Building.

We wish to state that this product has proved itself entirely satisfactory and has overcome a condition of checking and cracking which formerly took place using ordinary cement for making this seal."

From Andrew P. Beasley of Woodbury, New Jersey:

"I purchased my first can of X-Pandotite cement in the Washington DC area. The cement is the best I have ever used, and I have tried them all. I have used it mainly in the bathroom to fill the seam where the ceramic tile touches the bath tub. X-Pandotite is easy to use and excess is easily wiped away with a damp cloth."

From Michael A. Vendetti of National Consumer Protection Association, Inc., of Ozone Park, New York:

"I am writing to you to tell you about your X-Pandotite White Mortar Like Cement - it is an excellent product! I had purchased a small 1 lb can in a hardware store. I used it to fill in holes around my chain link fence (poles)."