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X-Pandotite Special Glass Formula
Anchors Plate Glass!

Anchors plate glass in metal doors and windows. Seals ceramic to metal. Expands as it sets! (from .002" to .004" per cubic inch)

  • Expands as it sets, forcing its way into the porous or irregular surfaces of most materials where it is applied as a filler.
  • Tasteless, odorless, and non-toxic - contains NO lead or asbestos. Manufactured without the use of ozone depleting substances. Non-combustible. Does not emit dangerous gases or fumes when applied or heated.
  • Developed by X-Pando Products Company in conjunction with a major glass manufacturer more than 50 years ago. Since that time, many leading decorators, designers, and architectural firms have used this material for glass railings, glass walls, and other modern decorating displays. One of the most prevalent uses is that of anchoring plate glass in metal door or window shoes, in railings, and in concrete setting applications.
  • Supplied in one formula only, in gray only. Dry colors may be added. After hardening, the material may be painted or will take a penetrating oil stain.
  • Economical - mix only what you need.
  • Not affected by water, steam, heat, or vibration, or oil, soap, or alkali solutions.
  • Packaged in 70 ounce and 25, 50, and 100 pound containers.

  • Need more information? Please check our Frequently Asked Questions List.